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Who give money in KBC – How KBC earns Money

Our world places a lot of emphasis on intelligence and skill. Having specialized knowledge in your

Industry is a method guaranteed to bring you success in your career. But what if the knowledge that

you have is more general and not about one specific domain or industry, but rather about multiple

things that interest you. Well if you are one of those people whose knowledge is spread across many

different things, then you’re in luck because you too can be a millionaire!

KBCi is the Hindi adaptation of the popular ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ franchise and it has been one of India’s most popular KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2023 TV shows since its inception in 2000. The show, presently in its 13th season, is hosted by Bollywood’s Big B, Amitabh Bachchan. The episode’s participants are chosen based on the answers they give for the audience question asked in the previous episode. The answers can be given online or by SMS. The participants who have passed this test and are chosen will then have

to face a ‘fastest finger contest’ in the opening rounds in which contestants must arrange four answers in seven seconds to progress to the main gameplay.

How KBC earns Money

The contestant who wins this will enter the main gameplay in which they will face 16 questions with a monetary reward associated with each question, ranging from 1000 rupees to 7 crore rupees on the final question. That’s a lot of money for answering general knowledge questions. So how does KBC’s financials work out? KBC is produced by BIG Synergy production company and has been airing on KBC Entertainment Television since 2010. KBC gets the most significant portion of its funding via


You would have probably seen the host listing out numerous brands as sponsors

before taking a break. The large amount of money received as sponsorship goes towards the prize

money and the host’s compensation. Jio India Limited, Asian, Ultratech Cement, and Complan are among the title sponsors for the KBC. Co-sponsors include

CERA, IDFC First Bank, LIC of India, and Bharat Matrimony. The Reserve Bank of India is the KBC’s special partner, providing approximately 400 crores in funding.

KBC gets a lot of funding from the telecom industry due to the nature of the show relying a lot on

public relations. It would be advantageous to a Telecom brand if a friend’s phone and an audience

calls, which are the show’s lifelines, were both linked to the cellular network. For instance; Idea

Cellular Paid 35 Crore rupees for the show in 2010. SMS revenue is also another important source

of revenue for KBC. Lakhs of people send SMSs to answer the audience question asked during the

show. Also, to register for the show, participants will need to answer a set of questions and KBC

charges a small amount to each user sending the WhatsApp free and SMS which is usually Rs 2/- per SMS. This small

sum for the SMS, multiplied by the millions of people who would be sending it, translates into a

significant sum of money.

Who Give Money in KBC

Commercial breaks add another significant amount to KBC’s revenue. KBC lasts an hour and a half, during which they air roughly 5-6 commercial breaks. These are the slots in which a company

can showcase/telecast its products and services to its target audiences in India. 80% of KBC’s commercial

inventory is accounted for by the nine main advertisers who are also the sponsors mentioned above.

The remaining 25% of ad inventory, according to estimates, will be auctioned to spot buyers for

over Rs 4 lakh for 10 seconds of an ad.

KBC is a lucky draw scheme held and run by the official KBC office management team. The

The purpose of launching this KBC lottery program is to help the downtrodden segment of India. In

other words, what sets this lottery apart from the rest is that anyone can easily participate in it

without having to go through an intense registration process. KBC manager Rana Pratap Singh is

currently serving as the manager of KBC Lottery Winner 2023.

KBC Lottery

It is however very important to be aware of frauds running in the name of KBC Lottery. In such cyber frauds, the fraudsters send WhatsApp messages to unsuspecting victims from unknown numbers, claiming that their mobile number has won a lottery jointly organized by KBC and Reliance Jio worth Rs. 25 lakhs and in order to claim that lottery they need to contact some person whose number is provided in the same WhatsApp message. When the victim contacts on the mentioned number to claim the amount, the fraudster tells him/her that they need to first pay a certain refundable amount towards the processing

of the lottery as well as GST, etc. Please take caution for the same.

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