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According to KBC, some of the most common KBC lottery numbers are 1501, 9881, 89917, 8991, 89914, 89915, 89910, 89917, 78750, and 9881. The owners of these lottery numbers have already won huge prize money, and now they are a millionaire. If you also want to testify your luck and win up to 2,500,000 INR, make a phone call now or visit our official KBC website to get your lottery number.

KBC lucky draw 2022 is an online Indian lottery lucky draw, partnering with well-known Indian businesses, such as Jio, Sony TV, Reliance, and many other prominent companies that sponsor the KBC show. It doesn’t end here as the show’s host is none other than the great Amitabh Bachchan (Big B). He is also the executive of KBC management, and the show is aired on Sony TV.

KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List WhatsApp

No:KBC Winner Name:Winning Amount:WhatsApp Number:KBC Lottery Number:
1.Rahul Kumar Gupta25,00,000 INR847******46376568
2.Vijay Kumar Sharma 25,00,000 INR 980******63389877
3.Anita Kumari 25,00,000 INR 673******00154444
4.Rana Pratap Singh 25,00,000 INR 711******20080086
5.Rajesh Kumar 25,00,000 INR 822******98943268
6.Amir King Khan 25,00,000 INR 644******14468865

Dear Lover of KBC, If you are a KBC winner 2022 but your name or mobile number is not showing in this KBC winner list of 2022 please contact us on KBC head office WhatsApp number +19188444454 and get your all lottery information. Similarly on this KBC official website you can also check latest Jio lottery winner 2022 list and WhatsApp lottery winner 2022 list without of any charges. So keep connecting with this KBC official website for the latest information about KBC, WhatsApp and Jio winners result online.

KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List

How to Check KBC Lottery 2022?

KBC lottery Check 2022 was first introduced in the live and top-rated Indian TV game show KBC. After the massive success of the KBC show, KBC Ghar Bethay Jeeto (GBJJ) Jackpot, KBC introduced the KBC Lottery System under the supervision of KBC lottery manager Rana Pratap Singh. As soon as the KBC lottery system was introduced, it became a huge hit, making KBC more popular all across the country.

However, during the initial stages, the KBC head office was the only source for KBC participants to get KBC lottery tickets. Thanks to the KBC helpline and customer support center, the KBC management started developing an online system for the convenience of KBC fans.

The online KBC lottery system enabled people to register themselves and participate in the show easily. The online KBC lottery system also provides equal winning chances to everyone. With the presence of an online KBC lottery system, there is no need to visit the KBC head office and get your KBC lottery ticket. You can now achieve this from the comfort of your home.

You can quickly check your KBC lottery 2022online or by calling the KBC head office number where you will speak to the KBC team. They will guide you and let you know about your KBC lottery status. Also, if you have queries regarding the KBC lottery 2022, you can speak to them.

The online KBC lottery 2022 system creates an online list of KBC lucky winners that anyone can check. Each month, the list updates with new winners, allowing you to keep yourself updated regarding your lottery status.

KBC Lucky Draw 2022?

KBC has just announced their thrilling KBC lucky draw 2022! Another common query that many KBC fans have in their mind is regarding KBC lucky draw 2022. KBC held a lucky draw twice a month to ease KBC lottery participants and increase their chances of winning the lottery. It means if you are a registered KBC user, you can now take part in KBC lucky draw 2022 twice a month.

However, luck is not as common as you think. To win the jackpot, you have to buy the KBC lottery ticket. Yes, you can be the winner of the KBC lucky draw 2022 only if you are willing to try your luck. KBC brings its participants a mesmerizing opportunity to win millions and becomes rich to achieve all their dreams. In my opinion, KBC lucky draw 2022 is India’s only authentic game show that can make you rich in no time.

KBC Lucky Draw 2022

So, is there any KBC SIM lucky draw in 2022? Well, KBC SIM lucky draw is held on the 1st and 15th of each month. So, yes, there will surely be an All India SIM lucky draw in 2022. KBC SIM lucky draw also allows you to participate in the show twice a month to increase your winning chances. Another benefit of KBC SIM lucky draw 2022 is that the more you recharge your number, the more you will be able to win the prize money. However, make sure to avoid scam calls and protect your personal information.

Check KBC Lottery Number Online 2022

Because of the KBC online system, it is simple to check your KBC lottery number. You can take benefit of the KBC online lottery to check the status of your lottery number. All you need is to enter your register your registered phone number.

However, if you cannot spot your name due to any technical reasons, you can use the official KBC head office number to inquire about your lottery status. Moreover, since our website also updates the list of KBC lottery winner 2022 each month, you can also use this source to get information regarding your KBC lottery.

Dear KBC Winner if you don’t have your registered KBC lottery number 2022 please contact KBC head office number 0019188444454 as soon as possible and get your lottery number free. Similarly you can also check your WhatsApp and Jio lottery online on this KBC official website. So keep connected with this KBC lottery official website. By calling on this KBC lottery head office number you can get easily registered KBC lottery number 2022 online.

Check KBC Lottery 2021

Who is the Supervisor of KBC?

Another question that many people ask and wondering about is who is the supervisor of KBC. They want to confirm that the KBC lucky draw is real and they have a chance to win prize money. Well, KBC has just appointed Rana Pratap Singh as the new KBC supervisor. He will now manage and host KBC 13 season. You can also call Rana Pratap Singh to inquire about KBC by dialing his mobile number +19188444454.

According to KBC official website report, Rana Pratap Singh is now the mange of the KBC lottery as well as the host of KBC 13. However, be aware that he doesn’t make any calls regarding the KBC lottery. So, if you get a call claiming that he is Rana Pratap Singh, the manager of the KBC lottery, do not trust them. These sorts of calls are actually from scammers who want to loot your money and time.

So, in case of any fake calls, make sure to immediately contact KBC head office or visit KBC official website to report the issue.

What Is KBC IMO/WhatsApp Lucky Draw?

Like KBC lucky draw, KBC IMO is also a scheme introduced by KBC management that enables KBC fans to win up to 2,500,000 cash prizes. It is such a vast amount that can make you rich overnight so that you can achieve all your dreams.

However, be aware that you may receive fake calls or messages when registering yourself through IMO for KBC. In this scenario, make sure to keep your KBC detail to yourself and do not share them with anyone. Also, ensure to avoid such scam calls and texts, as they do nothing but want to steal your sensitive information. Moreover, these calls may also ask you to pay a fee for the registration process. Do not pay to follow their guidelines, and always remember that there is no fee to register yourself for KBC.

There are some specific KBC IMO numbers that you can trust. These IMO numbers are for official KBC management and team. You can use them to get information and detail regarding your IMO KBC lottery.

Who Can Join IMO KBC Lucky Draw?

Thanks to the KBC online system and straightforward registration process, anyone can quickly join IMO lucky draw scheme. Like KBC lucky draw, it is for all the Indian citizens. The main goal behind KBC IMO is to support the down-trodden community of the country financially. You can use official KBC IMO numbers to get factual information on participating in the IMO lottery lucky draw.

Both the KBC IMO Lottery and KBC lucky draw 2022 are incredibly popular among Indians. According to some authentic sources, both lottery schemes are managed and held by the official KBC team. Also, both these competitions operate under the same pattern and enable KBC fans to win up to 2,500,000 INR. For more detail, it is recommended that you should speak to the KBC team using the above numbers to clarify all your queries about these lotteries.

Who Is the Winner of WhatsApp 2022?

Here is an updated list of KBC WhatsApp winners 2022:

Name Winning Amount Lottery Number WhatsApp

  1. Anwar Ali Winning Amount 2,500,000 INR Lottery Number 8991 Winner Mobile Number 983******866.
  2. Basha Kumar Winning Amount 2,500,000 INR Lottery Number 0397 Mobile Number 784******987.
  3. Arjun Kumar Winning Amount 2,500,000 INR Lottery Number 74777 Winner Mobile Number 900******844.
  4. Mayank Winning Amount 2,500,000 INR Lottery Number 22415 Winner Mobile Number 867******484.
  5. DK Sharma Winning Amount 2,500,000 INR Lottery Number 7645 Winner Mobile Number 675******980.
  6. Shabbir Khan Winning Amount 2,500,000 INR Lottery Number 10103 Winner Mobile Number 600******733.
  7. Ghanshyam Winning Amount 2,500,000 INR Lottery Number 4537 Winner Mobile Number 981******042.
  8. Deepak Winning Amount 2,500,000 INR Lottery Number 6887 Winner Mobile Number 981******917.
  9. D Sharma Winning Amount 2,500,000 INR Lottery Number 8767 Winner Mobile Number 970*****377
  10. Sangraam Winning Amount 2,500,000 INR Lottery Number 9785 Winner Mobile Number 950*****117.
KBC Lottery Winners 2021 List

How to Join KBC Online Contest 2022?

With KBC online contest registration system in place, now it is straightforward to join KBC 2022. KBC online lottery 2022 system makes the whole registration sophisticated and precise. You no more need to register yourself to participate in KBC manually. The show is partnered with all the SIM card operators in India, which means your registration will be done automatically.

All you need for KBC online contest registration is an active Indian SIM card that is registered in your name. Moreover, to participate in KBC, you must be an Indian citizen because people outside the country are not eligible to participate in the show.

For participating in KBC 2022, you need to call the KBC head office number to confirm your KBC registration. Before registering yourself for KBC, keep these requirements in mind to make sure you are eligible to win huge prize money.

  • You must have an active SIM of any Indian mobile operator.
  • You are an Indian citizen with a valid Aadhaar card.
  • Similarly you must be mentally stable and doesn’t have any mental disorders.
  • People with any other citizenship except Indian are not eligible to take part in KBC.

Now, if you meet all these KBC requirements, you can dial the KBC head office number from your phone to confirm your registration. Moreover, thanks to KBC online lucky draw 2022 system, you can also use the online system or WhatsApp to get your queries satisfied.

Is There Any Lottery In KBC?

Dear KBC fans, we are proud to announce that KBC Lottery Winner 2022 will be held soonwith new and straightforward approaching options. You do not need to manually register yourself to be a participant in KBC Lottery 2022. KBC lucky draw 2022 has launched a unique online method, allowing all the Indian SIM operators to associate with KBC automatically. In KBC 2022, your SIM is already registered with KBC lucky draw, and you are all set to win huge prize money. However, make sure to call on the provided KBC Head Office Number or use the KBC official website to confirm your registration.

Moreover, KBC customers can also browse our official KBC website to explore the KBC winners’ 2022 list. Once you call our official KBC number, you will be updated with your latest KBC Jio lottery number, and you can also check it in our online database. So, make sure to be in touch with our team. You are just a couple of steps away from becoming a millionaire. Call us today to get your new lottery number and be a fan of KBC lucky draw 2022 right away.

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