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KBC Fraud WhatsApp Call – KBC Fraud Complaint Number

Have you received a call from the KBC fraud number? If yes, beware! You have become the latest victim of KBC fraud on WhatsApp. There are so many KBC scam messages being circulated on WhatsApp that it is really hard to distinguish between the real and the fake. “KBC has NOT sent you any message. Neither have we called you. We are trying our best to stop this fraud but due to its technical nature, we request the players not to fall for it at any cost. Several KBC WhatsApp numbers are out there and many people from your area might be receiving these scam calls and SMS,” reads one such warning issued by KBC Company.

If you receive a call or WhatsApp message from an unknown number claiming you have won the KBC prize then do this:

  • DO NOT respond to these messages.
  • DO NOT call back the number that sent you the message.
  • If you get a call from KBC Fraud, do the following:
  • Do not answer it! Hang up immediately if you recognize the number as being associated with KBC Fraud or any other scammer, as this could lead to more unwanted calls.
  • Urgent call on KBC head office number +19188444474

The KBC scam WhatsApp call is a common one, and is often mistaken for an actual call from the popular quiz show’s producers.

KBC Fraud Complaint Number

You can also receive a WhatsApp message instead of a call, if you receive then don’t forget to call on KBC fraud complaint number +19188444454. The message will ask you to dial a specific number for winning cash prizes worth lakhs of rupees or even crores. This is when you should be wary: there are no such prizes! It’s all part of a larger scam designed to cheat people out of money by making them believe they’ve won an incredible amount (and then asking them to pay taxes or other fees).

Never trust lottery phone calls!

If you receive a phone call or WhatsApp call from anyone claiming to be from KBC, hang up the phone immediately. If you receive a call from KBC, you will be asked to reply with a message on WhatsApp. Be careful of the messages you receive on WhatsApp. Instead of verifying the authenticity just hang up the phone because KBC will never ask you to call on WhatsApp.

The scammers contact you via WhatsApp or other means of communication, telling you that you’ve won the lottery and asking for your bank details in order to pay out your prize money.

However, it’s also important not to fall victim to scammers’ tricks by doing some research into what companies like KBC actually do with their competitions before sharing any information with them – especially when it comes down to personal details such as bank accounts!

KBC Lottery Fake Call Complaint

I think everyone has heard of KBC lottery fake calls. This article is all about the KBC lottery fake call complaint, how to identify fake calls, and what you can do if you receive such a call.

We will discuss how to recognize the KBC Lottery cheat call and also provide you with some tips to avoid getting trapped by such scams.

If you have received a call from someone claiming to be from the KBC lottery and they demanded that you deposit money into their account, then you must report this fake call.

KBC Lottery Manager and KBC Management Team have given instructions to all their customers that if anyone receives a call from an unknown person demanding money, then the customer should immediately inform them about it.

  • You can also report fake calls by sending an email to KBC or their management team.
  • You can complain about the fake KBC calls on KBC official phone no. on their official website.
  • If you have received a call from KBC Lottery, then it is fake as no lottery organization conducts any kind of lottery through phone calls. The person calling you is just trying to steal money from you.
  • If you have received a call from KBC Lottery, then it is fake as no lottery organization conducts any kind of lottery through phone calls. The person calling you is just trying to steal money from you.

KBC Lucky Draw 2023

It is very important to tell all your friends and relatives about this fraud call of KBC lucky draw 2023. You should be aware of the fake calls of KBC Lottery because there are many fraud people using our company’s name and cheating innocent customers. We request you to share this information with everyone so that every customer can be safe from this kind of fraud.

The KBC Lottery has become a victim of the new fraud, where lottery winners are called and asked to give money for taxes.

The lottery winners are being contacted by phone callers who claim that they have won the lottery and ask them to pay a certain amount of money as tax in order to receive their prize amount. The fraudsters also ask the victims to transfer their money into a particular bank account.

The KBC Lottery authorities have issued a notice regarding this fake call scam and urge everyone not to fall prey to such frauds.

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