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How to Play KBC in Jio Chat


In association with the live television program Kaun Banega Crorepati, a new online game called Jio KBC Play Along has been launched (KBC). On JioChat, the questions will be shown in real time as they appear on television when the show is televised. You must correctly answer all of the questions in order to go on to the next question in the series. Assuming that your response is correct, you will go to the next question in the sequence of questions. Do not be disheartened if you make a mistake in this game, as it may prove to be quite difficult. If you take part in this game, you will be able to take advantage of high-quality audio, better messaging, and video conferencing capabilities.

Jio KBC Play

Sony TV’s hit show Kaun Banega Crorepati began airing its ninth season on August 28th and is presently on its ninth season. In this programme, which is the most well-known in the entire globe, Amitabh Bachchan serves as the host. You may now play KBC on your mobile device with the JioChat application. A terrific opportunity for the KBC audience to take part is presented here.

While the program is being broadcast, the audience may engage in this game by downloading the JioChat application and utilizing it to communicate with one another. Additionally, questions and responses will be shown in real time on the JioChat app in addition to the live broadcast on the Jio channel. By picking the correct answer, members of the audience will also have the potential to win prizes. Detailed instructions on how to participate in KBC via the JioChat app, as well as information on what prizes and perks will be offered to winners, may be found in this page.

What is Jio KBC Play Along, and how does it work? What is Jio KBC Play Along?

It is an online game in which you must take part in combination with the live television show Kaun Banega Crorepati, which airs on a weekly basis. When a television show is presented on a television station, the JioChat application will display the questions that are being asked live on the screen. As long as your response is correct, you will progress in the game; nevertheless, one erroneous response may cause you to be eliminated from this challenging challenge.

In order to participate in the Jio KBC Play Along Game, you must first register on JioChat.

  • First, download the JioChat application for Android and iOS (iPhone) devices on your mobile device.
  • By clicking on it, the app will be launched.
  • Sign in using your cell phone number as your username.
  • Participation in the Jio KBC will be an option for those who choose to do so.
  • Terms & Conditions must be accepted.
  • You may personalise your profile by choosing a language and other preferences.
  • Start by clicking on the KBC sign to begin playing the game.
  • Now, members of the general public may join in on the KBC fun with the participants and earn points in the process.
  • To take part in the Jio KBC Play Along, follow the instructions below.
  • On Monday through Friday at 9 p.m., the KBC will be televised on Sony TV, and the public will be able to participate with the contestants.
  • Choose the most appropriate response for each of the questions that come on the screen.
  • By clicking on the ‘Lock it Down’ option, the correct answer can be saved for future use and retrieved when needed.
  • It is anticipated that questions 1-10 will be given less time than the remaining questions.

The audience is only given a limited amount of time to choose their responses to the questions. The following is the time limit for responding to queries on this page.

The opportunity to win prizes and redeem points is available.

Each accurate response gives the members of the audience points, which may be accumulated throughout the course of the game.

All of these points must be used by the 15th of the month in order to be valid.

Before the end of the month, redeem your points for cash or other prizes.

It will be revealed in the near future when the Jio KBC Play Along Prizes will be given away.

SMS will be sent to those who have won to notify them of their win.

What happens if we make a mistake and select the incorrect response?

It is simple and uncomplicated. Before responding, wait until the following question displays on the screen on your computer.

What is the procedure through which points are assigned and deducted?

There are ten points rewarded for answering a question with a value of Rs 10,000, and seventy thousand points are awarded for answering a question with a value of Rs 70,000.

Is there a Lifeline that you may call?

There is no way out of the dilemma that Jio Chat KBC players find themselves in.

Information on the JioChat

Jio KBC Play Along app is available here.

Some important information regarding the Jio KBC Play Along game is provided below for your consideration:

KBC’s ninth season has climbed to become one of the most watched television shows on Sony TV, according to the network’s statistics department. Participants in the KBC game will be able to use their Android devices to participate in the game. You may easily take part in the game by chatting with JioChat Jio KBC users. You may follow along with the show on your Android device while it is being broadcasted live. Also included in this app will be the question-and-answer alternatives that are available. If you offer the correct answer, you will be eligible for the prize.

An additional point will be granted for each correct response supplied by the audience members. All points must be used up by the 15th of the month in which they were earned. Points must be used before the end of the year in order to be eligible for awards. Participants will be notified of their winnings through SMS via the app. If you make a mistake, simply wait for the next question to be displayed on the screen before proceeding with the test. It is necessary for you to not only choose the correct answer, but also to make certain that your response is locked in order to be successful in winning.

You may use this software to send rich messages, conduct video calls, and make phone conversations with conference calls, among other things. Using JioChat pals in your contacts, you can send them messages fast and effortlessly to create group or one-to-one conversations. While you’re speaking with them on the internet, you may also email them files, photographs, videos, emoticons, and photos to share with them. Large groups of up to 500 people can also be established as an alternative option. On JioChat, you may also make free phone calls to any of your contacts who are registered with the app. Let us now consider the pros and downsides of each option.


There are a number of different features.

It’s a highly addicting and amusing programme that will keep you entertained.

You may use it for absolutely no cost, and it is entirely free of adverts.


In certain cases, it is conceivable that the queries are overly complicated.

Players and spectators have a limited amount of time to respond to what is happening on the field.

Instructions on how to take part in the Jio Play Along game

Following your successful admission into the app, a KBC message will be sent to the device that you are using. Following that, you can choose between English and Hindi as your language. JioChat offers a feature called PlayAlong, which is a distinct channel that is open to all users. It is available to all users. It is possible to watch the KBC with contestants on Sony TV, which broadcasts the show on a weekly basis. Determine the answer is the most appropriate to each of the questions that come on the screen. When you have determined the correct answer, click on the “lock it down” option to confirm that you have locked it down correctly. There is a rigorous time limit in place, and you must make your decisions within a very short amount of time. They can be classified into the following groups based on their time constraints:

  1. Answers to questions 1-5 take 15-30 seconds each question.
  2. Questions 6-10 will be answered in 60 seconds.
  3. Question 11-15: There is no time limit for answering this question.

JioChat: Jio KBC Play Along is an Android application that you can download and use to follow along with the KBC broadcast. Take joy in and strive to increase your general knowledge.

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