KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List WhatsApp Today | All India Sim Card WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2022 List

KBC lottery number is a 5 digit number linked with the ID proof. Winner’s data is safely stored in KBC lottery database. The documents submitted are verified with the KBC. All the concerned institutions are notified when the are changes in KBC registration. You can check the KBC lottery number check online 2022 on this KBC lottery official website. Similarly you can also check the KBC lottery winner list 2022 WhatsApp here.

Check KBC Lottery Status Online

You can check your KBC Lottery number and status online by visiting the web portal of any company, providing KBC lottery check facility. You are required to complete the following steps:

  • Visit KBC official Website (https://checkkbclotterynumber.com)
  • Enter your Winner Mobile Number
  • Enter the registered lottery number
  • Your KBC Lottery result will display

The winners can find out the KBC Lottery number check online 2022 that appears on their Sim. Usually, the Lottery number printed on the front side of the sim. The winners can visit the KBC branch nearby in winners and know your lottery number. Make sure that you carry your Aadhaar proof along with your Sim card.

There is No direct of getting KBC Lottery number from SMS. However you can request for lottery detail by sending SMS from your registered mobile number. You would get the lottery detail on your registered mobile number. Just open it and this has your KBC Lottery Number.

KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2022

Since the lucky draw takes place twice a month, it means a participant has two winning chances every month. When it comes to checking out the KBC lottery number check online 2022, you can directly check it on the official website of KBC. The website is being updated on a regular basis. Even if one forgets the KBC lottery number, ring the KBC helpline and get it as early as possible.
Alternatively, the results can also be checked through WhatsApp. This is simple as you will have to send an SMS in a format at the WhatsApp number.
SMS Format- Type ‘Lottery’ space ‘10 digits lottery number’
Looking forward to being a part of the KBC lucky draw 2022? Follow-up and be the participant following careful steps. Register yourself and enhance your chances of winning the KBC lottery online in 2022!

KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List WhatsApp

No: Winners Name: KBC Lottery Number: Winning Amount:
1. Vinod Kumar 83892 25,00,000 INR
2. Ajay Singh Ajay 74729 25,00,000 INR
3. Anita Singh Thakur 90012 25,00,000 INR
4. Babu Lal Chauhan 74774 25,00,000 INR
5. Hanif Qureshi 22489 25,00,000 INR
6. Ram Pandey 100029 25,00,000 INR
7. Tariq Ali Choma 74722 25,00,000 INR


KBC Lucky Draw 2022

KBC Lucky Draw is the game show of Sony TV, Zee TV and India TV that are matched with the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, created by Big B Amitabh Bachchan. The full form of KBC is ‘Kon Banega Crodpati’. It is reality game show of Sony Entertainment. A lot of Indian people watch this show daily on Sony Tv. This is the No.1 Game show of All India since 2015. A Kon Banega Carodpati number or KBC lottery number is a number that proves your entry is registered with the KBC authorities. Nowadays, you can check your registered lottery number on the front side of your Smart card. The Sim card will have the following information on it: Registration number, lottery number, and ticket number.

Call KBC head office number for the KBC lottery related information and about KBC WhatsApp lottery registration, You can also call KBC head office number for Jio lottery and WhatsApp lottery information.

Furthermore information about KBC lottery, Jio lottery detail please contact Rana Pratap Singh KBC Lottery manager.


KBC Official Website Check

There is no doubt that the KBC is the most popular show in this whole India and the Asia Pacific. Only the KBC official website can provide all authentic information about things because other platforms and the website are lacking it. The official website of the KBC is the only trusted website and has all the proofs. These fake organizations will use fake numbers and fake websites to fool people who do not know about the official website. These websites will call themselves the legal authority by posting fake proofs on the fake website.

  • KBC Official Website Mumbai https://kbclotterywinnerlist.com
  • KBC Official Website Kolkata https://checkkbclotterynumber.com
  • Delhi KBC Official Website https://jiokbcheadoffice.in

KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2022

KBC sim card lucky draw is the random draw in which the customers can participate through the sim card. You can register for this KBC lottery easily by just doing a call for the official number from the official website for your registration. After this call, you will get the lottery serial number on the mobile phone that you have called. The next step you have to do is save the lottery number.

KBC staff are available for you to help 24 hours 7 days. The KBC team guide members will help you know about all the instructions to be followed, and they guide you to their best possible knowledge. Otherwise, you may lose 25lakh cash. You should daily check the website for the winner list as they update the winner daily. This lottery will help poor people to improve their lifestyle.


KBC WhatsApp Lottery 2022

The customers available in the KBC WhatsApp Lottery will check their names in the winner list. And they also verify their lottery on the official website. If the participant has more than one sim card or mobile number, it is clear that he may be the winner of the KBC lottery. If the participant can’t get the lottery in the current month, they may be the winner of the upcoming month. The only thing you have to do to win is don’t lose your hope. It would be best if you carried on struggling, and one day, you will be the KBC lottery winner.

So, you should keep on updating on our websites, and you should keep on checking the lottery list that is available on the official website. It would be best if you were more concentrated because you may be the winner in the recent lists that have been uploaded. So, be alert and keep watching the KBC WhatsApp lottery list.

How to Win KBC lottery 2022

  • Firstly, you must have a SIM card from any Indian mobile network to join the Lucky draw.
  • And the next important thing you have to do is activate the SIM card, and that SIM card should
  • belong to the mobile network company.
  • If you get the daily balance on your mobile, this may increase the chance of winning.
  • KBC lucky draw will take place on the last day of every month.
  • The KBC winner list will be announced on the 1st & 2nd date of the following month.
  • Using the official website, you can quickly check the list of winners & lottery results.
  • It would help if you avoided the fake calls based on the KBC WhatsApp lottery. Suppose you
  • get any fake and fraudulent calls to inform and report it to the KBC head office.
  • KBC staff will help you come out of this problem, and staff will answer all your questions
  • satisfactorily.

All India Sim Card WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2022 List

We all have the doubt that there is any All India Sim Card WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2022? And the answer to your doubt is here. On the 1st and the 15th date of every month, there will be a random draw competition of KBC sim card lucky draw throughout 2022. This means all can participate in this competition and this will take part twice in every month. If you participate in this KBC sim card lucky draw, you may get some fake calls.

They also ask you to deposit a certain amount of money in some accounts to visit a specific link. If you go through calls like these, customers are advised to recheck the source is real or fake to fool the people regarding winning the KBC lucky draw.


KBC Head Office Contact Number Details

  • KBC Head Office Contact Number Mumbai +19188444454
  • Jio KBC Head Office Number +19188444474.
  • KBC Head Office Number Kolkata +19188444480.
  • KBC WhatsApp Number +19188444479
  • All India KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number +19188444474

KBC Lottery Fake Call Complaint

  • Some of the fake calls and the fraud will use the Pakistan number, starting with 0092 or +92.
  • Fake calls will demand money in the form of government tax, and you don’t need to deposit it
  • in anyone’s account.
  • Fake websites will give you an invalid lottery number that you can’t check on the official
  • website.
  • If you feel any of the calls or messages are fake, you should report to the KBC head office
  • without wasting time.
  • You should not give your ATM card, Aadhaar card, and other bank details to fake and fraud
  • calls.
  • You should not provide them with any sensitive information.
  • You can feel free to inform KBC because they have set up to deal with such people.

What’s KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw and How to Check KBC lottery number

As discussed above, KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw is a special chance for KBC aspirants who can participate in KBC from the comfort of their homes.

This is how to check KBC lottery number. It starts with some lucky users receiving a WhatsApp or SMS on their shortlisted phone number directly from KBC. The message clearly describes how the user has been selected to participate in the lucky draw and get started with their participation in the online game.

Once a user has registered for the game, they are then taken to a test screen where they are asked a series of questions. In order to win the game, you must be able to answer all the questions correctly. In other words, one wrong answer will get you disqualified from the game.

Ultimately, the winners of the game are decided by the same logic as the Fastest Finger First. For those who aren’t familiar with the concept of Fastest Finger First, the rules of the game are very simple. All you have to do is try your best to answer all the questions in the shortest possible time. The ones who manage to get all the answers right in the shortest time will be rewarded with cash or a chance to get selected to appear on the game show as a contest in Kon Baniga Crodpati!

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, for those who can answer all the questions correctly, it really is a piece of cake to earn quick money simply by answering a few questions correctly on their phone. However, one rule of the game must be kept in mind, which is that you have to get all the answers correct. In that way, you will have to strike the right balance between time and accuracy to make the correct choice. So when participating in the online game, be extremely careful of both your time and accuracy, and that should do the trick!

How to apply for the lucky draw? Well, there is a simple and quick form that you can fill with minimum details and it will automatically make you enter the participation round.

Rana Pratap Singh KBC Lottery Manager

Just like many lucky winners who have been able to win the KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2022, Rana Pratap Singh is among those who have received a fat cash prize reward of Rs. 25 Lakhs! Yes, you’ve heard it right!

Rana participated in the 2022 edition of the KBC Sim Card Lucky draw by simply filling up the form. Once he was shortlisted for the contest, he participated in the online contest and managed to answer all the answers correctly in the shortest time amongst all the major competitors. As a result, he won this big prize money which can serve as an inspiration for those who want to earn big through their knowledge simply by participating in KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw from the comfort of their homes.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to participating in the KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2022 is to ensure that you are filling the correct form at the right platform. With the massive popularity of the show, it is hardly a surprise that there will be a lot of scammers who will try to fool you with fake registration forms for the KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw.

The easiest way to detect these frauds is by checking whether they are asking for any card details when you are trying to participate in the lucky draw. As the official showrunners of Kon Baniga Karodpati have already mentioned this several times, this lucky draw is a completely free event with no participation cost.

So, a legitimate form will only ask you for basic information, such as your name, phone number and email address. Any other detail is not necessary. All the best!